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Small kindnesses. Targeted projects. Transparency in the donation process.  Huge impact. 

project WARM CHILD: urfa 

As winter months set in across Turkey and Greece, many children are without appropriate clothing and...  

One Refugee Child raises funds to improve the day-to day lives of refugee children. We believe in pragmatism.  We believe in simplicity. We believe in initiating specific projects that reflect changing needs and conditions on the ground. Most importantly, we believe in bringing comfort to children in crisis.

Our model is simple.  We work with close partners on the ground to identify the most practical, pressing needs of refugee children and set up associated projects with specific goals and measurable outcomes.  We fundraise for those specific goals and outcomes.  This allows our donors to choose the project they want to underwrite and allows us to provide donors with ongoing feedback about the impact of their generosity. 

We work diligently to forge partnerships with local businesses and suppliers to obtain discounted pricing for goods or services to maximize the impact of every dollar raised. 

One Refugee Child is non-partisan, non-political and a purely humanitarian endeavor.  With a tight focus on meeting specific, pragmatic needs of refugee children, we have no political, partisan or religious agenda.  We are a group of action-oriented mothers from around the world who found each other--and ultimately found an impactful way to bring comfort, compassion, and kindness to children in crisis.

We are an approved 501(c)3 organization under section 501(c) of the United States Internal Revenue Code


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This project provides much needed strollers for infant and toddler refuges in Lesvos and Indomeni, Greece so they...


One Stroller​

"Something positive actually came out of a (Facebook) comments section."

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project bright future: libraries 


The January 2016 deal between the EU and Turkey has changed refugee status in Turkey by introducing work permits and school places.  However... 

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project Playground

Refugee camps provide a haven for the basic needs of survival; food, shelter, water and basic health care. What they lack though is...  

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