Our Partners


CalAid is a grassroots charity, providing eye tests and glasses to refugees and displaced people in Greece. Previously the largest provider of non-food items in the Epirus region, we are very excited to be focusing our efforts on the Optics Project, after a year providing this vital service in Northern Greece.

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Catalytic Action

Catalytic Action is a not-for-profit, design studio that works internationally; intervening with projects that catalyse change in society. Through rigorous design practices, community engagement and understanding the specificities of different contexts, Catalytic Action are working to better the lives of marginalised and disadvantaged groups in different global settings. Catalytic Action works with communities to deliver projects that they can go on to sustain themselves; integrating their design and architectural skills with their experience in participatory engagement to bring about positive transformations. Catalytic Action endeavours to challenge the status-quo, where marginalised groups can become dependent on long term aid, and instead work to produce self-sufficient and strong communities.

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Bright Fingers

Bright Fingers publishing house was founded in 2004 by a group of young people who intended to change the dark image of the child’s culture’s situation in the Arab world in more than one aspect (style, content, the way of publishing, suitable price and high quality) considering the somewhat difficult life conditions in the Arab world. Their first start in the markets was in 2005. The company had a distinguished presence from its very first moment which kept on growing during every exposition or event dedicated to children. This growth wasn’t only in sales, but also in the development of their methods and acquaintance with the needs of the book, the child, the family and the market. In 2008 they became to be considered one of the best Arab companies to produce and fabricate children’s books.

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Second Tree

Second Tree is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded by a group of independent volunteers who worked side by side with refugees all across Greece. Second Tree was established to express, foster, and advocate for values of solidarity and intercultural dialogue.

We aim to create a society in which fundamental rights, equitable access to resources and services and a healthy environment are granted to all. A society in which all individuals are provided with the tools they need to live in safety and with dignity.

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Pages Bookstore Café

Pages Bookstore Café is the first Arabic bookstore in Istanbul. Located in the historical neighborhood of Ayvansaray in Fatih, the bookstore caters to Arab and Syrian people of the city. Spread over three floors, with one floor entirely dedicated to children’s books, the store also acts as a library, offering books on loan. It hosts cultural events, readings, discussions, author signings, workshops and performances, the Pages Bookstore. As a second home for Syrians living in Turkey, the bookstore showcases Syrian culture to the rest of the world. It is a place where everyone can meet and interact, find books and ideas of interest, and get a taste of some delectable Syrian food. Pages welcomes everyone to meet us here, at Pages Bookstore Café in Istanbul. They also carry books in Turkish, English and French.

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ReVi is a group of Syrian, Turkish and international volunteers helping families through job opportunities, education and emergency aid in Izmir, Turk. They support 489 families. They run two kindergarten schools for 120+ children. ReVi has hired five Syrian teachers from the community and have classes Monday – Friday. They teach Arabic, Math, Arts, Dance and plenty of play time.  The teachers work closely with the families of the children older than seven to get them registered into a Turkish School.

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