Improving the lives of refugee children one child at a time.




Children in refugee camps are often bored.  Parents are loathe to let them run free given how dangerous it can be and parents have no way of entertaining or positively stimulating their children.  We all know children need learning opportunities, structured play actives and other interactions for them to stay out of trouble, find some joy and build a foundation for their future; things we all may take for granted.  The need to supply these activities is great! For more information and to donate click  here.

Development of a child throughout their youth builds the foundation for their future giving them hope, confidence, skills, happiness and a sense of purpose.  We select projects that help support children as they recover from challenging events as a refugee and focus on building a foundation for their future.


Refugee camps provide a haven for the basic needs of survival; food, shelter, water and basic health care. What they lack though is what every child should have: activities!  Refugee children, just like all children, need to play, not only for fun but for their social and emotional development.  Play improves their mental and physical health and starts them back on the path to their bright futures.  For more inofrmation and to donate click  here.