The Back to School Project

Fund school uniforms and backpacks with necessary materials for children with a donation to the One Refugee Child Education Fund.

Back To School Project

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After school programs benefit and educate children in ways the normal classrooms cannot. It’s shown that staying active and stimulated throughout the day keeps children safe and helps with development. After school programs aren’t often available to refugee children because they plainly don’t exist.


ReVi is working with local families to register and equip children to attend local schools in Izmir, Turkey.

With your donation, One Refugee Child will work alongside ReVi to offer a variety of Afterschool Clubs for refugee children.  We’ll be able to fund school supplies and activities to help learning and enrichment as well as snacks and drinks to keep the kids energized.

Our Partners

ReVi –  Refugee Volunteers of Izmir

We’re a group of Syrian, Turkish and international volunteers helping families through job opportunities, education and emergency aid in Izmir, Turkey. We support 489 families.  We run two kindergarten schools for 120+ children. We have hired five Syrian teachers from the community and we have classes Monday – Friday. We teach Arabic, Math, Arts, Dance and plenty of play time. The teachers work closely with the families of the children older than seven to get them registered into a Turkish School.

Project Funding

One Refugee Child raises funds for projects in areas that are subject to shifting governmental policies and dynamic circumstances. If the scope of an One Refugee Child project changes, or needs to be changed due to shifting circumstances on the ground, One Refugee Child will provide documentation of the situation.  One Refugee Child may use funds from one project in the same category to fund similar projects in that category or from the general fund if the need arises and it is not to the determent of the original project.