Optics Project

A child’s future is hopeful and infinite; it should also be clear. Fund eye exams and glasses with a donation to the One Refugee Child Health Fund.

Optics Project

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Can you imagine trying to learn when you can’t even see the blackboard?  Can you imagine trying to make a new start and a future for yourself in a new land when everything around you appears fuzzy?


Donate to the One Refugee Child Health Fund to provide eye exams for children refugees in Greece by local medical professionals.  Being able to see clearly promotes a future for children and young people in which they can feel more comfortable accessing education, integrating into their host communities and consequently improving their confidence and lifelong prospects.  Children age 4-18 will be tested and emergency testing will be provided for younger children with acute needs.  Eye glasses will be supplied as needed.

Our Partners


CalAid is a grassroots charity, providing eye tests and glasses to refugees and displaced people in Greece.

Previously the largest provider of non-food items in the Epirus region, we are very excited to be focusing our efforts on the Optics Project, after a year providing this vital service in Northern Greece.

Project Funding

One Refugee Child raises funds for projects in areas that are subject to shifting governmental policies and dynamic circumstances. If the scope of an One Refugee Child project changes, or needs to be changed due to shifting circumstances on the ground, One Refugee Child will provide documentation of the situation.  One Refugee Child may use funds from one project in the same category to fund similar projects in that category or from the general fund if the need arises and it is not to the determent of the original project.