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With a donation to the One Refugee Child Development Fund, you can help make playgrounds make more than just playtime.

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Provide the necessary space amidst the grown-up focused environment of a refugee camp or settlement that is specifically for children that will nurture their self-esteem and give them an outlet for not only their physical needs but their imagination as well.


We partner with Catalytic Action to fund their work with displaced and disadvantaged children to design play areas that meet the children’s’ needs as well as the demands of the environment, be it a temporary, permanent or movable structure.

Completed Project: Jarahieh School for Syrian Refugee Children. West Bekaaa, Al-Marej town, Jarahieh, Lebanon

Partnering with Catalytic Action, we built a playground at the Jarehieh Tent School in Jarehieh, Lebanon, helping approximately 320 children aged 5-14. We created this space for development because school is more than just a place to learn, it’s a place to grow.

See the video below to see how we did it:

Current Project: Al-Makassed School. Ghazze, Lebanon

We are partnering with Catalytic Action to create and improve the Al-Makassed School in Ghazze, Lebanon. The playground spaces will be divided into relaxing spaces, active spaces, educational and imaginative spaces that include swings, an educational garden, seating and amphitheater, play building, basketball and football areas. Give these children the opportunity to be children and donate today

Watch the video below for an overview of the Jarahieh School and playground to be built for refugee children in Lebanon.

Our Partners

Catalytic Action

Catalytic Action is a not-for-profit, design studio that works internationally; intervening with projects that catalyse change in society. Through rigorous design practices, community engagement and understanding the specificities of different contexts, Catalytic Action are working to better the lives of marginalised and disadvantaged groups in different global settings. Catalytic Action works with communities to deliver projects that they can go on to sustain themselves; integrating their design and architectural skills with their experience in participatory engagement to bring about positive transformations. Catalytic Action endeavours to challenge the status-quo, where marginalised groups can become dependent on long term aid, and instead work to produce self-sufficient and strong communities.

Project Funding

One Refugee Child raises funds for projects in areas that are subject to shifting governmental policies and dynamic circumstances. If the scope of an One Refugee Child project changes, or needs to be changed due to shifting circumstances on the ground, One Refugee Child will provide documentation of the situation.  One Refugee Child may use funds from one project in the same category to fund similar projects in that category or from the general fund if the need arises and it is not to the determent of the original project.