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Give these children the fundamental right to fun with a donation to the One Refugee Child Development Fund.

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Children in refugee camps are often under-stimulated and lack basic elements of childhood growth. Realistic, these kids don’t get the opportunity to be kids. They lack learning opportunities, structured play activities and other interactions that we take for granted daily.


We provide activity kits for volunteers to use with children in refugee camps and community centers. We ultimately attempt to bring back some shape of childhood that they might have lost. With items ranging from sports equipment to interactive toys and school supplies, we aim to give not just a good time, but also hope and excitement and many, many big smiles. Our on-the-ground partners determine what is needed in each specific camp, and we listen, because each camp and center is different. We hope to provide a small piece of normal life for these kids, despite their challenging surroundings. Because playtime is necessary for growing up properly, and these kids deserve it.

Our Partners

Together for Better Days

Together for Better Days. Together for Better Days is a Swiss registered non-governmental organisation formally founded in Zurich in January 2016. Better Days Greece was established in early 2016 in response to the influx of refugees arriving on Lesvos, Greece. Together they are known as ‘Better Days’.

Project Funding

One Refugee Child raises funds for projects in areas that are subject to shifting governmental policies and dynamic circumstances. If the scope of an One Refugee Child project changes, or needs to be changed due to shifting circumstances on the ground, One Refugee Child will provide documentation of the situation.  One Refugee Child may use funds from one project in the same category to fund similar projects in that category or from the general fund if the need arises and it is not to the determent of the original project.