Project Scouts

Empower teenagers to impact their community through teamwork, leadership and protecting the environment with a donation to the One Refugee Child Development Fund.

Project Scouts

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Older children in refugee camps are often ignored in refugee camps at a crucial age in their development to adulthood.


We are partnering with Second Tree to help them deliver Scouts programs in Agia Eleni refugee camp.  Through the Scout activities, these teenagers learn teamwork, leadership and to protect the environment. The project is developed to empower them as members of their community by giving them responsibilities in the management and organization of the activities. The excursions also facilitate their integration in Greece by making them accustomed to the local environment allowing them to experience Greece in a different way that is not bound to the refugee setting.

Our Partners

Second Tree

Second Tree is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded by a group of independent volunteers who worked side by side with refugees all across Greece. Second Tree was established to express, foster, and advocate for values of solidarity and intercultural dialogue.

We aim to create a society in which fundamental rights, equitable access to resources and services and a healthy environment are granted to all. A society in which all individuals are provided with the tools they need to live in safety and with dignity.

Project Funding

One Refugee Child raises funds for projects in areas that are subject to shifting governmental policies and dynamic circumstances. If the scope of an One Refugee Child project changes, or needs to be changed due to shifting circumstances on the ground, One Refugee Child will provide documentation of the situation.  One Refugee Child may use funds from one project in the same category to fund similar projects in that category or from the general fund if the need arises and it is not to the determent of the original project.