Improving the lives of refugee children one child at a time.

Challenge: Children in refugee camps are often under stimulated and lack basic elements of childhood such as learning opportunities, structured play activities and other interactions that we take for granted on a daily basis. The need to help these children continue to grow and learn is great and play is one of the best ways to support their growth and creativity. 

Location: Silver Bay refugee camp - Lesvos, Greece
Purpose: The funds raised during this campaign fundraiser will be used to purchase arts and crafts supplies for the children at the refugee camp Silver Bay in Lesvos Greece run by Caritas Hellas. The kit will include sports equipment, interactive play items, musical play instruments and school supplies.  These items will be purchased locally to help support the surrounding businesses and communities that work to help the refugee children.

The purpose is to continue to help the children who have lost so much of their childhood find hope and joy as we give them back a small piece of a normal life despite their challenging surroundings. 

of $3000

A note from Alexa:

Thank you so much for joining me in this effort. Art related activities are proven to create a sense of community, preserve native culture and help children cope with psychological and emotional stress. My hope is that, together, we will be able to make the long days these children spend in refugee camps a little brighter and a little more comfortable. I will be traveling to Greece in November to deliver supplies and will be able to share with you how our contributions are being used. 

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Total raised: $3015

One Refugee Child operates at a 6% expense/94% contribution structure.  The 6% covers mandatory wire transfer fees, tax and audit and other legal fees/IRS. We are all volunteers working with great passion and strength to make the biggest impact possible on the lives of these children.