Improving the lives of refugee children one child at a time.

Let's all slow clap these heroes

Thank you to Glamour magazine for recognizing us for our One Stroller Project for the refugee children.  Click here for the full article.

Greenwich Sentinel 1.13.16: Greenwich Mom Helps Syrian Refugee Children in Greece, Turkey

​Syria might seem like it’s a world away from us here, but to one Greenwich woman, helping Syrian refugees is a cause close to her heart. Monica Garrido, along with four other moms from all around the United States and London, help improve the lives of refugee children with their organization One Refugee Child. read more

3 Strangers Used Facebook To Donate Strollers To Refugees

Anca Ponea of Greece saw a Facebook post from Humans of New York in September, showing a group of refugees arriving by a boat to Lesbos. Ponea recognized the location of the photo since she lived close by. She often saw the refugees in her village and felt compelled to comment on the post.  "I feel shamed when..." more


North Shore woman enlists Facebook founder's help with refugee cause

A North Shore woman is about to clear a milestone in her mission to help refugee children flooding into Europe, and she has gotten a big assist from one of the richest men in the world. Click here for video.

As Facebook Turns 12, Zuckerberg Wants to Catch Baby's First Steps in Virtual Reality

Mark Zuckerberg's firstborn turns 12 on Thursday — but it's his newborn daughter that's keeping him up at night. 

Zuckerberg spoke about his first experiences as a father at a small gathering held with COO Sheryl Sandberg and a select group of Facebook users at the company's Menlo Park headquarters on Monday. They were gathered to mark the 12th anniversary of Facebook. Click here to read more about our visit to the Facebook Headquarters on this special day.

CNN Turkey Interview

Claire Meier Underhill, Cofounder of One Refugee Child and Director of Projects Turkey, is interviewed live by CNN Turkey.   For more on the work we are doing in Turkey click here.  CNN Turkey video.

Something positive actually came out of a comments section

Facebook estimates that four out of five people on its network are connected — through a friend of a friend, or closer — to someone directly affected by the Syrian refugee crisis. We've certainly all seen the posts: appeals from charities, posts supporting or decrying efforts, political debates over how the world should handle the wave of people.

For most of us, we'll scroll past it. We may "like" something. We may comment. But most of us? We don't even click; it's just too big. But when Marie Beechy saw a post on the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe... 
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Facebook in 2030? 5 billion users, says Zuck

By 2030, Facebook aims to have 5 billion of the world’s 7 billion humans connected to its social network, a 3.5-billion jump that could be accomplished in part by deploying autonomous planes.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the comments Monday during an event at the company’s new Frank Gehry-designed headquarters designed to celebrate Facebook’s 12th anniversary Thursday, which it has dubbed Friends Day.

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Socially Conscious Networking
Buoyed by the power of social media, alumnae Monica Garrido, ’04, and Megan Morgan, ’06, help Syrian refugee children in crisis. Click here for more.

Scenes From Mark Zuckerberg’s Return To Action. 

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg returned to action on Monday, making his first public appearance in over two months since the birth of his daughter Max. Zuckerberg marked the occasion by meeting with a group of 18 Facebook users from around the world. Click here to read more about how we celebrated #friendsday with Mark Zuckerberg.

For Families Sleeping On The Ground, A Simple Stroller Makes A Huge Difference

It only took one Facebook comment to spur action. 

In Ponchatoula, LA, Marie Beechy was scanning the comments section of a Humans Of New York post about the plight of refugee families braving dangerous conditions to escape war. And that's when she saw Anca Ponea's comment. 
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Crouch End analyst highlights needs of Syrian refugees in Turkish schools

A mother was inspired to fundraise to buy books for Syrian children in Turkey after imagining what it would be like if her son was fleeing devastating civil war. more

Making a difference: Woman uses strollers to help Syrian refugees

Ponchatoula is a small, quiet and safe town that couldn’t be further away from Syria and the massive refugee crisis. However, through the power of social media, one woman is making a difference for people in Syria.

Marie Beechy is the organizer for One Stroller – Many Steps Forward. The project hands out strollers to Syrian refugees that are arriving on the island of Lesvos in Greece.  A baby stroller may seem like an odd item to donate, but the need is simple. read more.