Improving the lives of refugee children one child at a time.

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We are a group of volunteers collecting urgently needed donations for those living in the Calais refugee camps. We believe that no person should be without access to basic human rights like shelter and warmth, and by collecting donations we can work to improve these conditions.

The situation in Calais is part of a wider migration crisis in Europe - caused largely by the displacement of people from war-torn countries such as Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan and Eritrea. In addition to offering support and assistance, we hope to change the perception of this crisis from one of hostility and fear to one of concern and compassion.

 Project playtime


Location: Silver Bay, Filippiada and Eleousa Greece, Yarimburgaz and Okmeydani refugee camps in Turkey, an orphanage in Syria  


Challenge: Children in refugee camps are often under stimulated and lack basic elements of childhood such as learning opportunities, structured play actives and other interactions that we take for granted on a daily basis. The need to help these children grow and learn, now that they are safer, is great. 


Purpose: We will be providing activity kits for volunteers to use with children in refugee camps and community centers.  Kits can include various items such as sports equipment, interactive play items and school supplies based on demand at the specific location.  We listen to our on-the-ground partners to determine what is most needed and most likely to be well received by the children.  Our partner, CalAid, has teams on the ground to put together education / recreation / activity programs in the camps. They will also recruit permanent residents to run the programs - focusing on sustainable skills and enabling communities to build up around positive activities.  The purpose is to continue to help the children who have lost so much of their childhood find hope and joy as we give them back a small piece of a normal life despite their challenging surroundings. ​