​​Location: Izmir, Turkey

Challenge: Many refugee children are unable to attend Turkish schools and after school programs due to lack of funds.  Staying active keeps children safe, developing well and happy.  Volunteer organizations such as ReVi haver come together to provide the basic after school structure for these children, however they need outside support to continue to operate and support the growing number of refugee children.

Purpose: We will be working alongside ReVi to support the after school program ReVi provides by ensuring the children have school supplies for their every day after school activities, snack and drink to give them energy for their day as well as special items to celebrate their monthly birthday parties.  The support you give us we pass on to our partners on the ground and help refugee children in Izmir learn, grow and celebrate themselves.

our partners

We're a group of Syrian, Turkish and international volunteers helping families through job opportunities, education and emergency aid in Izmir, Turk. We support 489 families.  We run two kindergarten schools for 120+ children. We have hired five Syrian teachers from the community and we have classes Monday - Friday. We teach Arabic, Math, Arts, Dance and plenty of play time.  The teachers work closely with the families of the children older than seven to get them registered into a Turkish School. For more information on ReVi click here.

Improving the lives of refugee children one child at a time.