Project Complete

We are proud to partner with Kizilay, the Turkish Red Cross, on this initiative. Thank you!

Project warm child: Camp K


Location: Kahramanmaras, Turkey

Challenge: Kahramanmaras is a city in Turkey just over the border from Syria. About 18,000 people live in about 3,000 tents set up in the camp. Temperatures in Kahramanmaras can plummet to -10C in winter. The children in this camp are in need of warm winter boots.

Purpose: We have partnered with Kizilay, the Turkish Red Cross, to provide much needed boots to the children at Camp Kahramanmaras as the winter months set in. There are 300 children at this camp ages 4-6.  Our goal is to raise $6,000 to provide 300 pairs of boots to these children.

Fundraising Goal: USD $6,000; 300 children with warm feet! 


The Story

Once we saw the conditions of the children in Batman, who were wearing sandals in freezing weather, we wanted to find more ways to help children who were ill prepared for the winter.  We found many camps in dire need of help and we continue to do what we can.  At Camp K, every $20 will go to a pair of boots for these children.   We have asked the camp to send photos once the boots have arrives, so you can see your donations in action.

Goal Exceeded!! We raised $8,000 in less than two weeks for this project.  In partnership with Kizilay, we purchased 1432 pairs of boots for children ages 4-8 at Camp Kahramanmaras. Our partners on the ground were so moved by this effort that after their contributions, the total number of boots purchased reached over 3,000!!! THANK YOU to all of our donors.


Improving the lives of refugee children one child at a time.