Project warm child: Urfa

Location: Various: Sanilurfa, Turkey; Batman, Turkey

Challenge: Urfa is in south-eastern Turkey, and is the capital of Şanılurfa Province. Urfa is situated on a plain about eighty kilometres east of the Euphrates River.  As winter months set in across Turkey and Greece, many children are without appropriate clothing and warmth to protect them from the cold. Children, especially infants, are those who are most vulnerable to the cold.  

Purpose: To provide warm blankets to the children at Camp Akcakale in Urfa, Turkey.  $6 can purchase a blanket for a child.


The Story


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Once we saw the conditions of the children in Batman, who were wearing sandals in freezing weather, we wanted to find more ways to help children who were ill prepared for the winter.  We found many camps in dire need of help and we continue to do what we can.  In Urfa, families live in tents and temperatures plummet at hight.  We wanted to provide comfort to the children as they slept and will be providing warm winter blankets for them.  Since our donations would go a lot farther to buy blankets for many children, we decided to start there, to get as many children as we can some sort of comfort NOW. 

We have, again, asked the camp to send us pictures of your donations in action, once the blankets arrive.

Goals Met: USD$6,500 raised and 1332 blankets delivered! That's 1332 warm snuggled children!

Improving the lives of refugee children one child at a time.