Our Mission and Values

One Refugee Child offers hope to refugee children through projects that focus on health, development and education. We provide comfort, care and convenience, striving to improve the day-to-day lives of these children.

Our model is simple. We work closely with partners on the ground to create the most practical, pragmatic and effective results. We strive for full transparency and measurable outcomes from special partnerships with local businesses, ultimately maximizing the impact of every dollar raised.

Providing Hope

We offer more than just supplies to those who don’t have any. We offer hope to families and children who need it most. It’s the items that we take for granted that are that much more important. Whether it’s health, development or education, One Refugee Child provides a future for these children when so much is stacked against them. We want to make their lives normal and easier. We want to provide hope.

We Help Children

We believe in full transparency at One Refugee Child. We want you to see where each and every cent goes. Because that’s how we measure effectiveness and change. With much research and exploration, we’ve pinpointed the specific needs of the children in each area. So with each project, you offer hope to a specific child and family.

Building the Local Economy

By building strong relationships with businesses and partners, we help not only the children of refugee camps, but also the local economies. We use donated funds to buy from local businesses to provide a long lasting, successful future.